How to create a guitar chord chart

If you've just found a new song to learn on the guitar, but don't know all the chords yet, print yourself a chord chart! A chord chart has a fretting diagram for each chord you want to learn. By propping it up on your music stand you can learn the chords quickly while playing.

  1. Create a new document in your favourite publishing software. If you're used to Microsoft Word, use that! Other free options include LibreOffice or Google Docs. You will insert a diagram of each chord into this document.

  2. Change the layout to "Landscape" so you can fit more chord diagrams on a single page.

  3. Switch back to the chordpix website, and click New Diagram to begin creating a new chord diagram.

  4. Create the chord diagram:

    • If you know what the type of chord is (major, minor, 5th, 6th) and it's shown under Look up chord, just click the chord type, then click the chord note (the "root" note, e.g. C for C major).

    • If your chord isn't shown, you'll have to enter it manually. See Making a custom chord diagram.

  5. Click Export Image. If you're using Microsoft Word, click on Export to PNG image. SVG images are more detailed and are clearer when resized, but SVG is not supported by Microsoft Word (LibreOffice does support it).

    Exporting the image will download the chord image file to your computer. You may have to click Download or Save and choose a location to save your chord diagram. If your computer doesn't ask for a file location, then look for it later in the Downloads folder.

  6. Now switch back to your new document. Insert the diagram you just saved. In Microsoft Word, click Insert then click Picture. Then open the file you just saved on your computer in step 5.

    You may want to drag the image around the page so it doesn't overlap any other chords.

  7. Resize the chord diagram so you can fit several diagrams on the page. In Microsoft Word, you can do this by dragging the circular "handle" at the corner of the image.

    Alternatively, on the Chordpix website, before exporting your image, click Export Image and click Image size to change the generated image size. This way all your diagrams can be exactly the same size for a more professional chord chart.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for each of the remaining chords you want to include on the chord sheet.

  9. Print your completed chord sheet in the usual way. In Microsoft Word, click File and then Print.

Well done, you have made an excellent chord chart!
Maybe email it to your bandmates to show off your skills?