What is Chordpix?

Chordpix is a tool for guitarists who want to create chord charts or diagrams. It lets you look up or create your own chords, then export them as an image. Then you can import them into Microsoft Word or another program, or add the images to your blog, or use them in a guitar instruction book.

Once you've created the chord diagrams, they are free to use for any purpose.

What can I do with Chordpix?

  • Create custom guitar chord diagrams
  • Quickly look up standard guitar chords
  • Save your custom chords by creating an account
  • Share a link to your custom chord diagrams
  • Export your diagrams to PNG or SVG image files
  • Use the diagrams in your website or blog
  • Use the diagrams in a guitar instruction book

By using a document publishing program such as Microsoft Word, you can: